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An enduring commitment to quality

There are times when communicating in your own language is challenging enough, but when you’re working with clients half a world away, who are immersed in a foreign culture, can you ever be completely confident your message has been heard?

We have developed a strict and rigorous selection process which ensures only the very best professional linguists become fully fledged Linguistica translators. This commitment to quality guarantees overseas translations which not only reach, but resonate with your target audience.

Our selection criteria

Our native linguists hold excellent language qualifications with at least five years’ experience in professional translation and interpreting. They must also be subject experts with a wealth of experience in their field of specialisation.

A significant probationary period must then be served under close supervision and with constant feedback. Only once this period is complete will translators undertake any live work. Their work is then continuously monitored for quality.

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